We know that good design means good business

AHMED ARMAN ASSOCIATES & BUILDERS is one of Pakistan’s leading construction companies with over 3 decades of invaluable experience and expertise in construction and development of civil, steel fabrication and land development works. We carry out all aspects of construction and development projects, from planning to finish.

We recognize the benefits of working as a team – with our clients, partners, and supply chain – and we have a vast experience of this approach. In this way we enable our clients to fully benefit from our broad practical of the experience and the collective knowledge professionals and experts in the AHMED ARMAN ASSOCIATES & BUILDERS team.

We recognize the benefits of working as a team – with our clients, partners, and supply chain – and we have a vast experience with this approach


The firm is headed by the Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors as per corporate policy of private limited company. A team of qualified professionals having vast experience in field of Management, Planning, Development, Construction and Housing industry is the part of the management to deliver its best.

Our Aims

We aim to provide best residential, housing and commercial projects to our valuable customers, all our projects designed by reputed architects and town planners as per updated byelaws approved by government of Sindh and concerned land authorities and departments.

Our Objective

We are working on our objective to achieve excellence in field of construction and housing industry in Pakistan by offering our professional services to develop state of the art commercial projects in shape of hi-rise buildings and to develop modern residential projects to minimize the land use and to maximize the construction covered area through vertical construction of hi-rise buildings to cater the needs of commercial and housing units of Karachi.

Scope of Services

  1. Plan & Design of commercial & residential projects.
  2. Development & Construction of Hi-Rise Buildings and Housing Schemes
  3. Contracting, Execution and Supervision of Commercial Projects.
  4. Offers Affordable Housing Schemes for low-income group.
  5. Customize commercial and industrial projects.

Role in Economy Development

  1. All our projects create enormous employment opportunities for labor class, skilled workers as well as non-skilled workers, the development and construction activities of each under-construction projects also support about 20 linked or associated industries such as Steel, Cement, Chemicals, Tiles, Sanitary, Aluminum, Paint, Plastic, Wooden Furniture, Steel Fabrication, Solar Power Generation, Glass, Fiber, Earth Moving Machinery, Electrical, Electronics, Interior & Exterior Designers, I.T. Industry, Household items, Marketing Advertising, Print & Electronic Media. Etc.
  2. The development and construction activity of each project play very vital role in growth of economic conditions to stabilize financial activities through Govt. Fee Challans and Taxes


We are a projectized organization offering a full range of construction services and investment management while maintaining a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through a positive relationship with our clients.


Innovation is in our DNA. We approach each project with the same purpose: to bring something new, modern, and exciting to a sector that relies heavily on a traditional approach. We bring down the ordinary and build up the extraordinary We discard.


While others just pay lip service to quality, we act upon it. We follow international standards of design and each of our core functions uses top-of-the-line premium services to deliver to a high-class standard. From using the best power cables to the best cement –


ZEM Builders has a record of delivering projects on time and before time. This is because top-class delivery is at the heart of all we do and the factor that makes us promise extra value to you. In life, timing is everything and we work around the clock to ensure projects.